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Thomas Hague is the owner and founder of Shoot My Product.


He is a highly skilled photographer with a wealth of experience in commercial product photography and e-commerce both in the retail and the wholesale industry with a great passion for art.


After completing his degree in photography at the University of Central Lancashire Thomas went to work as photographer and webmaster at a leading luggage and leather goods wholesale branch in Manchester.


This is what lead Thomas on to sell luggage and leather goods himself setting up successful Ebay and Amazon stores as well as multiple e-commerce websites where Thomas learnt the value of good product photography.


“I learnt that in such a competitive industry you need to have the edge on your rivals.  It’s not all about having the best price or even the best product sometimes.  Product photography really makes or breaks the salability of an item.  You can have the best price and product in the market but if you have poor photography it will really limit your sales”


After a number of years he then went on to work for a company as the E-commerce account manger, running international Amazon and Ebay campaigns for multiple web stores, so he has an in depth knowledge and personal understanding of online selling.


But Thomas wanted a change and seeing the gap in the market for quality product photography at a reasonable price he decided to branch out and set up Shoot My Product.  His keen artistic eye, attention to detail and stylistic approach to the way in which products can be viewed and photographed has given him an edge.  And as a result the company grew quickly and has become the successful business that it is today working with some of the UK's biggest companies.

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